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November 2017 Archives

3 ways to avoid a bitter divorce

Nasty divorces are all too common for couples in the Little Falls area. Because not all separations are peaceful and mutual decisions, there are often issues and feelings coming into play that make it harder for couples to end their relationships amicably.

Shared parenting: Can you and the other parent agree?

When negotiating your parenting plan with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you might consider shared parenting. It's a great way to ensure that your child spends as much time as possible with both parents, and it also helps both parents share the time and responsibilities required to raise a child.

Prenuptial agreements: Why millennials want them

Younger generations who are reaching the age when they say "I do" are far more likely than previous generations to sign a prenuptial agreement. Part of the reason for the shift may be that younger generations are more realistic. Having seen their parents go through divorce, they want to make sure they're prepared for any future contingency -- and protect their personal assets in the process.

3 examples of common child custody cases

If you have a child and you're getting a divorce, chances are that you and your spouse will be able to agree to child custody arrangements peacefully. However, in some cases, no matter how hard New Jersey parents try, they cannot reach a compromise. This is when it's necessary to litigate the dispute and let a family law judge decide the matter.

The main reasons why marriages end

If you stop to ask yourself why your marriage is coming to an end, you can probably count on a lot of different reasons. That's because it's difficult to pinpoint just one reason why you're getting a divorce. If you tried to pick just one, however, you probably know exactly what it is.

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