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February 2018 Archives

2018 could be the year to get divorced

With the new tax rules provided by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, any divorce that takes place following Dec. 31, 2018 will be subject to different alimony rules. As such, if alimony will be an issue in your divorce, you may want to consider what it will mean for your finances if you finalize your divorce in 2018 versus 2019.

Money matters when it comes to divorce

Money always matters, but when it comes to going through the divorce process, you may encounter financial issues that you've never thought of before. Especially if you were not the one who managed the bills and financial accounts during your marriage, you will want to make sure you have a firm grip on financial concerns throughout your divorce proceedings. The following advice could prove valuable in this regard:

New statistics: Unpaid child support figures are worse than ever

Most parents who have full physical custody of their children have the right to receive child support money from the noncustodial parent. This money, received in the form of monthly payments, often represents a lifeline of financial support for the child and the mother or father who is taking care of him or her. Nevertheless, even though New Jersey courts will almost always award child custody payments to custodial parents, it doesn't mean that the paying parent always pays.

Should I choose a lump sum alimony payment?

When you're negotiating alimony in your divorce, if you're the one who plans to pay alimony, you might cringe at the idea of needing to pay your ex-spouse any amount of money on a monthly basis. Nevertheless, if the law is on your ex's side, you may not have a choice in the matter when it comes to the question of alimony. When it comes to the question of monthly payments, on the other hand, you might have some choice in the matter.

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