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Money matters when it comes to divorce

Money always matters, but when it comes to going through the divorce process, you may encounter financial issues that you've never thought of before. Especially if you were not the one who managed the bills and financial accounts during your marriage, you will want to make sure you have a firm grip on financial concerns throughout your divorce proceedings. The following advice could prove valuable in this regard:

How divorcees are using bitcoin to cheat their ex-spouses

The world has been getting more excited than ever about the technology behind bitcoin -- especially because the price of one bitcoin has skyrocketed over the last year. Bitcoin, among hundreds of other "cryptocurrencies," is a new kind of currency that doesn't involve banks, and holders of these currencies don't even need identities; they just need a digital "wallet" to hold their crypto coins inside.

What if the judge's decision in my divorce was unlawful?

What if the judge in your family law case makes a decision that you feel is completely unfair? What if the judge strips you of your physical custody rights, merely gives you infrequent visitation rights and requires you to pay $3,000 a month in child support, and the decision is entirely unlawful given your circumstances?

Prenuptial agreements: Why millennials want them

Younger generations who are reaching the age when they say "I do" are far more likely than previous generations to sign a prenuptial agreement. Part of the reason for the shift may be that younger generations are more realistic. Having seen their parents go through divorce, they want to make sure they're prepared for any future contingency -- and protect their personal assets in the process.

The main reasons why marriages end

If you stop to ask yourself why your marriage is coming to an end, you can probably count on a lot of different reasons. That's because it's difficult to pinpoint just one reason why you're getting a divorce. If you tried to pick just one, however, you probably know exactly what it is.

Tell your pediatrician about your divorce plans

If you've recently decided to get a divorce, it's likely that you've been considering it for a long time. Perhaps you made the decision for the health and well-being of your children. In order to further support your health and that of your children, you may want to talk to your children's pediatrician.

Avoid these divorce mistakes regarding your family home

Divorcing New Jersey residents may need to face the difficult fact that they will not be as financially secure after divorce as they were in their marriage. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have been living well within your means during your marriage, you will have an easier time adjusting to the financial aspects of life after divorce. That said, the following two financial mistakes regarding your family home could still prove detrimental to your financial security:

Community property division in New Jersey

Most states use the legal theory of "equitable distribution" to divide the property owned by two spouses, and New Jersey is one of them. This concept means that all property acquired by either or spouse during marriage -- with several important exceptions -- will be divided in a reasonable and fair manner. Although this could result in a 50-50 asset division, it doesn't have to as long as the division is fair.

Do this before you start your divorce

When it's time to get a divorce, you'll know, and the decision probably won't come easily. Most New Jersey spouses spend a lot of time deliberating before they are certain that divorce is their only option. During this deliberation phase preceding your divorce, here are few things to consider.

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